Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I) Tribhuvan University: Institute of Engineering (IOE)  (Kathmandu)

[A] Constituent Campuses

1. Eastern Region Campus, Dharan                                                                             
2. Pulchowk Campus, Lalitpur                                                                                      
3. Thapathali Campus, Kathmandu                                                                            
4. Western Region Campus, Kaski                                                                                

[B] Affiliated Colleges

1. Advanced College of Engineering and Management, Lalitpur                           
2. Himalaya College of Engineering, Lalitpur                                                             
3. Janakpur Engineering College, Kathmandu                                                           
4. Kantipur Engineering College, Lalitpur                                                                    
5. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management, Lalitpur     
6. Kathmandu Engineering College, Kathmandu                                                      
7. Khwopa Engineering College, Bhaktapur                                                               
8. Lalitpur Engineering College, Lalitpur                                                                     
9. National College of Engineering, Lalitpur                                                              
10. Sagarmatha Engineering College, Lalitpur                                                           

II) Kathmandu University (Dhulikhel)                                    

III) Pokhara University (Pokhara)                                          

1. Cosmos Engineering College, Lalitpur                                                                    
2. Everest Engineering College, Kathmandu                                                              
3. Gandaki Engineering College, Pokhara                                                                 
4. Lumbini Engineering College, Rupandehi                                                              
5. Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT), Lalitpur                                
6. Nepal Engineering College (NEC), Bhaktapur                                                        
7. Oxford College of Technology, Nawalparasi                                                        
8. Pokhara Engineering College, Pokhara                                                                  
9. United Technical College, Chitwan                                                                   

IV) Purbanchal University (Biratnagar)                                 

1. Acme Engineering College, Kathmandu                                                                  
2. Aryan School of Engineering, Kathmandu                                                            
3. Central Engineering College, Janakpur                                                                   
4. College of Biomedical Engineering and Applied Science, Kathamndu             
5. College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE), Kathmandu       
6. Eastern Engineering College, Biratnagar                                                                
7. Hill Side College of Engineering, Kathmandu                                                        
8. Himalayan Institute of Science Technology (HIST), Kathamandu                     
9. Himalayan WhiteHouse International College, Lalitpur                                       
10. Kantipur City College, Kathmandu                                                                        
11. Kantipur International College, Lalitpur                                                              
12. Khwopa Engineering College, Bhaktapur                                                                                             

V) Madhyapaschimanchal University (Surkhet)

VI) Sudurpaschimanchal University (Kanchanpur)

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Recipe for Happiness

Why do we do what we do? We are more or less trying to put the pieces together to create moments of importance that will make us happy. We might not realize it but what we do decides happiness. Happiness is in the food we eat, the dollars we earn, the sweat we drip to burn some calories, the jokes we crack, the moment we spend with our loved ones; the bottom line is we control our happiness. When Einstein said- “A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy”, he must have meant that happiness is in the minor things that we often oversee.

Earn a billion dollars but you could still have done better, get straight A’s in all courses yet you could have ignored some mistakes in your papers, be super famous still you can’t have the whole world following you; whatever you do however big that may be, it looks small when compared to something bigger. So, how can a person be happy knowing there is something more that he could have done or somebody else has achieved greater heights? The simple answer is satisfaction, the principle ingredient for happiness.

Being the richest guy in town, the best student in the university or the highest paid manager might ensure success in profession but not necessarily in life. A person successful in life possesses inner tranquility, peace of mind and extreme satisfaction for whatever he has achieved no matter how trivial. What gives human beings deep satisfaction is the minor things we tend to ignore. Laughing, making others smile, helping the helpless, chilling, enjoying moments of peace, spreading love, doing things one likes, taking things lightly, believing and being oneself can actually give us happiness.

But, doing things we enjoy the most always, can mislead us in the long run. Real happiness is long term and it is very important to assess all our major decisions in every step of our life. Doing that, we may need to sacrifice our happiness momentarily to ensure sustained happiness in future. A drug addict or an alcoholic would surely gain peaks of happiness when he is on a high, but the implications of his activities will compel him to live an unhealthy and depressed life in future.

In sum, happiness is a cup of light heartedness, some wholesome effort in the field of interest and a spoon of satisfaction blended together with a grain of control to avoid overdoing things that can have harmful effects in future.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Volkswagon: BEETLE


The rare Green


Cool Black
The full of life RED

Unique Cream 

MUD ride
BEETLES parade

General Specification:

Overall height: 1498 mm
Overall length: 4129 mm
Overall width: 1721 mm
Wheel base: 2515 mm
Curb weight: 1230 kg
Luggage volume: 12 cu ft
Luggage volume with rear seat folded: 27.1 cu ft
Max speed: 177-210 km/h
Acceleration: 0-96 km/h in 6.5-13.2 sec
Fuel tank capacity: 55 lit
City mileage: 14.5 km/lit
Price: Nrs. 40 lakhs

Engine specification:
Displacement: 1595 mm
No of cylinders: 4
Power: 75(102) / 5600
Torque: 148 / 3800
Valve mechanism: 16
Valves per cylinder: 4